Escape Room with Immersive Games

This is the Intellectual Output that connects all others. Escape Rooms have been used for decades, first in computer games and afterwards in physical environments. Educational researchers have identified various positive aspects to implement this kind of environment in Education, it increases the engagement and motivation of students, as well as helps the development of skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, responsibility, among others. This answer the identified needs of both target group (mentors and educators) as well as the final beneficiaries (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities citizens) that can be seen in other parts of this project.

This Intellectual Output consist in the development of various deliverables, being one of them the actual physical Escape Room. Knowing the importance of having this space being used by others (transferability) it’s not only open to everyone who wants to participate, but we also developed transportable puzzles and riddles (that can be used outside the actual Escape Room in a regular room) as well as a manual on how to build the riddles and puzzles we developed during this output.